Yoga and wholeness are inherently aligned.  Through yoga we practice being in relationship to ourselves and our world.  We align with the energy pulses of the universe.  We learn to simultaneously be gentle with ourselves and challenge ourselves.  

I teach yoga in a heart-themed style which incorporates breathe with movement while also focusing on alignment.  Due to my slow flowing movement and alignment-focused style, my classes are well suited for beginners as well as advancing students who are interested in a mindful practice.  

Yoga guides us in remembering our wholeness of light and shadow.  

Yoga is one way that we can feel our wholeness. 

Public Classes:  

Karma Yoga Center-- 1702 S Pearl St. Denver, CO 80210.

     Guest Instructor, please check their online schedule


Private Yoga Instruction:

Available by appointment, please call Cori at 720-285-7342 for scheduling and locations.


Yoga can also be incorporated into psychotherapy sessions, based on your interest and goals.