Theoretically, my perspective includes:

  • Somatic psychology (which includes the body in the psychotherapy process)
  • Family systems theory (which is similar to the view of ecology in the natural world, meaning all parts of the system are interconnected)
  • Humanistic, person-centered psychology (meaning each person has intrinsic worth, is seen as a whole person, and has an inherent drive towards growth which can become hidden in pain and ineffective habits)
  • Transpersonal Psychology (which embraces beyond-person connections experienced through nature, music, art, other forms of creativity, and spirituality)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy-DBT (which offers paradigm shifts through seeing how differing perspectives can be be true at the same time, focusing on if something is effective/in-effective for our goals rather than good/bad, and a variety of other practical skills including mindfulness/being in the present moment)
  • Neuroscience discoveries (including new understandings about the mind-body connection and how the brain is impacted and can heal from developmental trauma, disrupted attachment, and stressful experiences.  This offers brain-smart interventions that support simultaneous healing of the brain and our relationships.