Welcome to my personal contribution to world peace.

However, I don't think "peace" is a big enough goal.  Our world needs more then peace, it needs  environmental sustainability, food for all, heart-centered power, etc.  Our world needs wholeness.  

Truthfully, the world is already whole.  And that wholeness is difficult to see due to a lot of interference.  

I see wholeness.  I see courage and pain. I see connection and I see destruction. I see hunger and I see excess.  I see light and shadow. It is all there.  The wholeness of light and shadow exists within an individual in emotional or cognitive turmoil, in a hurt child who is hurting all those around, in a family system that is repeating old patterns, in our communities that judge "other-ness", and in our larger world that talks about peace as children suffer in hunger, disease, and war.  I see the light and the shadow in all of this.  And many others see the wholeness of light and shadow as well.  

When we learn to truely see and embrace our own wholeness of light and shadow then we feel whole.  As beings who are connected to our wholeness, we can see the wholeness in others and we realize that we are all interconnected. And the world wholeness that has been there all along can feel its wholeness because we are not longer fighting an "other" and we are actively doing the work of removing the interferences to feeling wholeness.  We have the creative capacity to address hunger, climate change, energy, war, disease.  We have the creative capacity to experience happiness and fulfillment even within the murky territory of personal and world pain.  Let us unlock this creativity. Everyone has a contribution.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Through technology, we now live in a global community. The great gift of climate change is our opportunity to come together as a global community.  We are evolving.